Angie Faith prepares for a night with her husband Ryan Mclane, dressing in a bra, halter, thong, and high heels. She covers Ryan’s eyes with her hands, revealing his eyes to be covered by her. Angie straddles Ryan’s lap, grinding her big ass and pussy against his hardon. As Ryan lets Angie have her way, she pops jugs from her bra, smothers Ryan’s face with her d-cups, and slithers off his lap to blow him. Ryan is ready to challenge Angie, kneeling between her thighs and giving her deep strokes. Angie enjoys a position of power, sliding back down on him in reverse cowgirl. Ryan then fucks the channel between her breasts, blowing his load all over them. Angie runs her fingers through the sticky seed and licks them clean in satisfaction.

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