Harry and his wife Meryl are getting ready for bed. Meryl cuddles up to him, thanking him for a wonderful dinner. Hinting that sex would be the perfect way to end the day, Meryl starts to initiate foreplay with Harry. After a few moments, however, their intimacy fizzles out, mainly due to Harry being awkward and meek. It is revealed that Harry isn’t assertive enough for Meryl, and this has been an ongoing problem for them. She appreciates every other aspect of their relationship, but this one missing component is driving her nuts. Out of options, Meryl suggests they get marriage counseling to help solve the issue. Though Harry is initially reluctant, he ultimately agrees. Meryl is thrilled, convinced that this may indeed turn Harry into the perfect husband.

A few weeks later, Harry and Meryl are greeted by their new marriage counselor, Dr. Greene (Codi Vore). They explain their situation and then answer some questions from Dr. Greene. As they discuss, it becomes clear that Harry puts his needs behind his wife’s- maybe a little too much. Dr. Greene seems to sympathize with him, and there are subtle hints that she even finds him quite attractive. At one point, Dr. Greene has heard enough. She states that the real problem with their relationship is not Harry who is too meek, but Meryl who is too controlling.

She’s not letting Harry be himself and wants him to do everything the way SHE likes it. Harry, for the first time, shows a bit of confidence and agrees with Dr. Greene. Meryl is shocked, but has trouble denying the truth. Dr. Greene says that for their situation to get better, Meryl has to let harry ‘unleash the beast’. She has to let him do something WILD without intervening, and Dr. Greene has the perfect idea for what that could be. She suggests that Harry fuck her, then and there, right in front of Meryl. Though Meryl and Harry are initially shocked, Dr. Greene manages to convince them that this is the right course of action. With that settled, Meryl can only watch on the sidelines as Dr. Greene guides Harry through a unique sexual experience, pushing him to go deeper than he’s ever been before.

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