Jenni Noble and Milan are talking in the bedroom after their date. That’s always a good sign that a date will have a happy ending. Jenni tells Milan that she’s very flexible and shows him how flexible by getting into bed and doing one of her famous legs-in-the-air poses that she does for her photo sets and videos.

Since Jenni is wearing a miniskirt and crotchless panties, Milan gets quite an eyeful of Jenni’s fleece-lined pussy. He asks if he can lick her and that suits Jenni just fine. Milan muff-dives, and just like rubbing a magic lamp, that leads to getting hands-on with Jenni’s big, pliable breasts. They’re tuggable tits and can provide hours of fun. Every guy should have a Jenni in his life.

Having felt Milan’s package and shown him what’s under her top, Jenni now wants to see his tool. After she whips off his pants, she gives his cock and balls five-star lip service. “I enjoy giving head the most,” Jenni said when we asked her about her favorite way to satisfy a guy.

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