Holly Wood is a powerhouse at closing her real estate deals. What’s her secret weapon? She’s shown Brick Danger just the place he needs. Maybe he’s using negotiation psychology but Brick is suddenly hesitant to sign and conclude the purchase process.
Holly won’t give up, not now that she’s so close to getting that signature. She explains all of the benefits again. Brick is still reluctant, telling Miss Wood he may have a better deal with more amenities elsewhere.
Hot Ass Holly is not about to let this catch fly away so she pulls out her secret weapons! Two big, twin sucklers. Brick’s head is magnetically drawn to rest between these golden globes. She seals the deal with her magic mouth and tight pussy. Brick’s fate is sealed too. The things they teach at real estate classes these days are very impressive. The busty blonde bombshell doesn’t lose her commission and she receives a big load of cum in her waiting, open mouth.

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