Kitty Cute is alone and on her couch taking selfies. She’s aiming for face and bust photos and keeps shooting so she can have a selection to choose from. Perry Layne walks in and watches her, then sits next to Kitty. Taking the phone from her, he offers to help her out by shooting some pics for her.
Perry gets extra-friendly, and Kitty doesn’t mind. He feels up her huge breasts, takes pictures of the two of them together, his head resting on her boobs, like they’re big, soft pillows. Soon, Kitty has lowered her top and gets her naked tits licked and sucked. Perry keeps snapping away, getting Kitty to lick her breasts and pose with her tits out like she’s doing a photo shoot.
They’re both having fun so it’s time for Perry to get serious, drop trou and show Kitty how stiff she’s made him. She leans over, takes his boner in hand and makes it vanish between her hooters. Perry works fast and quickly has Kitty on her back so he can fuck her tits. Kitty plays tit-games with Perry’s… Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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