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Billie Jean Austin is The kind of big-titted wife you’d love to come home to

Coming home tired after a long day, Peter gets charged up because 48-year-old Billie Jean Austin is waiting to model a new dress for him. Tight and low-cut, it’s pink with polka dots and looks like a dress a living Barbie doll would wear. With her blond hair, slim figure, creamy skin and big tit energy, Billie Jean is like a life-sized Barbie doll.
Peter’s suddenly full of hard-cock energy when he examines her. Big-boobed bombshells can do that to a guy. Giving Billie Jean a licking and a sticking is the only thing this stud wants to do right after she gives him a massage with her soft hands and big boobs. Billie lowers her dress and rubs her naked breasts on his chest. Before long, he’s licking her pussy hole. Billie makes sex pleasure sounds as he gives her a tongue job to prepare her for the hard dick-down. He shoots his load on her chest. We can’t blame him.

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